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Granite Mini Slab Countertops:

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Stone is the best surface to work on for a countertop. It is scratch proof, germ proof, and easy to maintain. Why would you want anything else?

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Granite is the best surface to use for a countertop.

People love the fact that it is germ free and easy to clean.

The natural beauty lasts forever. Until now granite was only for the very wealthy. With the method of fabrication as taught by sauder design, granite is now affordable.

Dealer Options

If you are wanting to start a business in this field, or if you would like to add our new line of mini slab granite to your existing line of stock, contact us for costs and shipping options. We are strong in dealership support and can ship internationally. Feel free to request a quote.

Be sure to check our samples page.

Expectations for Granite

We are supplying large stone granite mini slab countertops with a unique European technique and design concept. Over the last several years the demand has grown steadily for a real stone countertop instead of other man made products. Granite is the best material for a work surface that money can buy. Contact us to enjoy a new granite countertop.

Below are some of our most recently installed granite countertops:

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