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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mini slab granite?
Mini slab granite is a whole new way of doing granite countertops. We have the pieces pre-made direct from the countries where the stone is cut from the mountains. It is made with a stone edge in countertop depths and lengths of approximately 49 to 69 inches.
What are the advantages?
Well the first advantage is the cost savings. Our installed price is often one third of the regular slab granite prices. Secondly, we have faster installation times with the work often done right at the job site. Thirdly, we can ship into remote areas where other methods of fabrication are too costly. It is easier to complete projects of multi-units.
What are the differences?
Slab granite is costly for the reason that it takes large expensive machines to manufacture the product. We use hand tools on site and cut the granite on site. Because we have set lengths we will have in most cases seams which are more visible. At present we use a different type of epoxy grout which is also more visible.
How is it done?
Without giving away our secrets, we lay the granite over a sub-straight decking gluing it down. We try to get all seams under the sink area. The granite is leveled one stone to the other. It is impossible to always get the joints perfectly level but we do the best that is possible. L shaped corner's have one straight seam which is unavoidable. We then seal polish and grout the joints with epoxy grout which is made for countertops.
Are the granite pieces all the same?
All the granite we have is cut from the same blocks of stone. However it is impossible to match pieces that are prefabricated before it arrives. Stone is a natural material and has color and texture variations. We chose what we think is the best pieces for the job. If you want to select your own pieces then you can do that for a set charge for our time.
Why should I use granite?
Unlike other man made materials, granite is germ proof, stain resistant, easy to clean and maintain using only soap and water, and can be cut on its surface with normal kitchen knives. Never use alcohol or ammonia based products. The granite must be sealed with a water sealer and then you can use liquid car wax to maintain it or continue to seal it periodically. Oils will stain the countertop without proper sealing. Test the granite on scrap material as each stone varies in maintenance.

Granite is the new option that is now affordable to everyone because of the new mini-slab method by Sauder Design.

Why should I get a granite sink?
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Following German technology the Blanco Silgranite sinks are made of 80% stone.

Sink recommended in silgranit is Axia 8 anthracite which is black. In stock by Sauder Design, made in Germany, and can be mounted below the granite. Although this is not a true under-mount, it can look and function like one.

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